Adoption story - Bryan & Elizabeth

Oh my heart — I have known Elizabeth since she was about five years old!  And now we are adoptive mamas and colleagues together.  Dream team!

She and her husband Bryan worked with CAC for their first adoption of their son Dex, and several years later came back when they were ready to add to their family again.  And that’s also around the time when I asked her to join me in the trenches of adoption world. 

I didn’t quite expect that her joining CAC and adding to her family again would so quickly coincide, but it did!

One weekday I was rushing out to a meeting, when an agency called me with a scenario that I knew was just perfect for Elizabeth.  I knew that this baby was meant for Elizabeth and her husband.  At least that’s what my gut was telling me as I called and asked if she would like to present her book to his birth family  :) 

And -- hours later we learned that his birth parents selected Elizabeth + Bryan out of a pool of other waiting families.

So, here was a little guy one state away, born a bit prematurely, and waiting in the NICU. 

And thus started a mad dash!

Here’s a bit of their story, in Elizabeth’s own words: 

“Our second adoption went so quickly. We found out about a sweet baby in the NICU on a Thursday and we met him the following Wednesday! We know that our sweet boy’s story is a total God-thing. We only had 1/3 of the funds needed at the time we were matched. The Lord graciously provided the other 2/3 in 4 days. We definitely stepped out in faith as we heard about this baby and God confirmed over and over that we would be his forever family. 

We have an open adoption this time around. We didn’t know how an open adoption worked to begin with, but we are so thankful that we have one. We love Gus’ birthparents and are so blessed to have them as a part of our lives. 

We really feel like adoption is not just about welcoming a sweet baby into our family, but it is also about loving on that baby’s first family who cared for him, loved him, and chose us to be his mom dad. We are forever grateful and tell them often how thankful we are for them, and for choosing us of their little boy. We are thankful to have opportunities to talk with them often and they love seeing how Gus is growing and changing. 

We had a great experience with CAC! This was our second time using CAC and this time we were so blessed to have a dear friend as our consultant. Gretchen was fantastic- she answered all of my questions, prayed for us, rejoiced with us, and helped us along every step of the way. We feel so blessed to have worked with CAC again! We can’t say enough good  things about them!

In fact, I love CAC so much, I began working at CAC in July before Gus was born in August. We are so thankful that CAC is a part of helping us bring our boys home, but I also get the privilege of helping others along the journey as an adoption consultant. 

This sweet family also recently finalized their adoption, and traveled back to the state where Gus was born.  He charmed the judge and even brought home his own keepsake from the experience  :)  

Check out the adorable personalized “Clifford” dog that local volunteers have crafted.

Congratulations, Elizabeth, Bryan and Dex!!  


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