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adoption story: Trevor + Laura

I love working with couples who are local to me, so we can meet up for coffee, pray and dream together!  I first met with Laura and Trevor in the summer of 2015 to talk in person.  We really connected, and I loved their heart for others. 

They signed on with me in August. And I loved getting to know them even better by designing their beautiful family profile book as they worked on their home study certification. 

The book went to print.

Then the real wait began!

Here's a bit from their perspective, and what God taught them in the waiting for their sweet daughter, in Laura's words:

"God used this adoption journey to refine our faith and trust in Him. Our journey was daunting but looking back, we can see how God orchestrated every little detail so perfectly in the way that only He can.
When we felt the call to begin our adoption journey, we had no idea how we’d afford the costs or what to expect along the way. We did know, however, that we were to pursue adoption and so we stepp…

Adoption story - Bryan & Elizabeth

Oh my heart — I have known Elizabeth since she was about five years old!  And now we are adoptive mamas and colleagues together.  Dream team!
She and her husband Bryan worked with CAC for their first adoption of their son Dex, and several years later came back when they were ready to add to their family again.  And that’s also around the time when I asked her to join me in the trenches of adoption world. 
I didn’t quite expect that her joining CAC and adding to her family again would so quickly coincide, but it did!
One weekday I was rushing out to a meeting, when an agency called me with a scenario that I knew was just perfect for Elizabeth.  I knew that this baby was meant for Elizabeth and her husband.  At least that’s what my gut was telling me as I called and asked if she would like to present her book to his birth family  :) 

And -- hours later we learned that his birth parents selected Elizabeth + Bryan out of a pool of other waiting families.
So, here was a little guy one state awa…

Adoption story - Michelle

Michelle is a lovely woman and Christ-follower, and I loved every moment of helping her on her road to parenthood.  We had so many wonderful conversations on her journey to her sweet boy. I asked her to share some of the key parts of her adoption journey, and she has done so, so beautifully below.  Her son was born near Christmas-time, and has one of the best Christmas inspired names ever -- Gabriel!!!  
I hope this story encourages other waiting families, especially the single mamas out there.  
Michelle shares her story so eloquently below:

“Adoption is something that has been on my heart since I was very small. Even as a child, I knew adoption would be a way that I would someday grow my family. One night when I was in my mid-twenties I remember having dinner with a friend. I told her that if when I turned 30 I was not close to being married or starting a family then I would start the process to adopt. In November 2015 I celebrated my 30th birthday and over Christmas that year I shared …