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Adoption story: Josh + Maryanne

It was a joy to serve Josh and Maryanne on their adoption journey, although I didn't have very long to get to know them!  Although they had gone through a very long wait with a different local agency, they matched and placed within the first month they signed on with me!  (All glory to God!)

Here's a bit of their story, a story that shows everything can change with one phone call!  
Congratulations on your beautiful family!

"All things happen in Gods perfect timing," was something we have heard for the past three years during the waiting process to adopt our daughter. And boy did that ring true!
We called Christian Adoption Consultants and spoke with Gretchen at a time when we had already been waiting years and felt hopeless and confused. The Lord had put us on this journey and we were so ready to meet our forever daughter.
From the beginning Gretchen was professional, knowledgeable and always available to help us. 
One morning, we received a call regarding a …

Adoption story - Lorrin + Rebekah

I absolutely loved working with Lorrin and Rebekah on their journey to parenthood!  They are local to me, so we had a great time meeting at a local Starbucks, at the very onset of their adoption journey. I always love being able to meet a family in person, as it really makes their journey even that more personal to me

Rebekah shares some of their adoption journey below, including a wonderful surprise they recently revealed!

Rebekah's view.....

You’d think we would learn, after all you see the signs everywhere...

“Man makes plans and God laughs,"


"A man plans his steps but God directs his path”.

What you don’t know is what a great planner I am! Every detail is thought through and a perfect timeline is set up. Its beautiful! Why would I want to deviate from such a perfect plan?
My plan was: we would get married and enjoy newlywed bliss for about a year, we would get …

Adoption story - Dominic + Amanda

It was such a joy to serve Dominic & Amanda in their adoption journey!  Since they live in my state, I was able to meet them in person, and see their beautiful hearts for becoming a family of three!  The Lord truly guided them during their journey until "their perfect case" came along!

Amanda graciously shared the inside view from a hopeful adoptive mama perspective below. Curl up with a coffee, and prepare for your hearts to be warmed by their journey into building their family through an open adoption.

……. For some reason I have always loved the arrow symbol for baby room decor, blankets, and baby clothing. Not just because they were something trendy at the time. They really had a meaning to me and I felt it represented my life well. I once saw a quote that said “an arrow can only be released by first pulling it back, it simply means you are launching into something amazing.”    
During our struggles, this doesn’t seem so obvious but now looking back on where we have been…

Adoption story: Kevin + Jacqueline

I loved every minute of working with Kevin and Jacqueline on their adoption journey to become a family of three!  They signed on with me in early December of 2016, and immediately started working on their home study and we started designing their beautiful family profile book.  
By February of 2017, they were home study ready, and able to start presenting to situations!  They bravely presented to many situations, and even said "yes" on a private family situation that ended up being a closed door.  They persevered through that disappointment until one day an agency called me with the wonderful news that a brave expectant couple had selected Jacqueline and Kevin!  The expectant couple was going through an incredibly difficult trauma and really connected to the empathy and compassion shown in Jacqueline and Kevin's letter.
Here's a bit of Jacqueline's testimony about how they came to adoption, and some special moments along the 10 month journey to their daughter: