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Adoption story - Tyler + Erin

Congratulations to this sweet family on the big FIRST BIRTHDAY of their sweet Piper!

I adore Tyler and Erin -- they signed on with me in April of 2016 and were trusting in divine  Providence to lead them to their child.  I immediately starting working with them to become Home Study certified,as our team designed their awesome family profile book.

They were home study ready in May, and open to every case I shared with them. It is always so disappointing to hear a No.  But in adoption, I have learned there's always a reason.  The "no" you might hear, is because your sweet forever baby is waiting somewhere else.  The Lord is orchestrating so many details behind the scenes.

Here's a snapshot of the most momentous day in the life of Tyler and Erin.... Sometimes your miracle may be right around the corner from you:

The above photo was taken earlier this month -- celebrating one year of Piper!!

But this story started a year ago..... in a little hospital not too far away from the…