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Adoption story - Ashley & Scott

I fell in love with Ashley and Scott right away, and it turns out, they are mutual friends and live just a few minutes away from me!
They signed on with me around New Years Eve of 2017. I loved their positive, loving attitude and motivation to grow their family.  Little did they know they would have the most exciting year ahead of them!  Nearly 7 months after joining CAC, their beautiful daughter was born!
I thought that those waiting in the trenches may enjoy and relate to Ashley's journey of waiting, hoping, and waiting some more! 

 ****************************************** On my 29th birthday, July of 2016, we found out that we were not pregnant (AGAIN)... After two years of trying to conceive, we had experienced the most challenging roller coaster of emotions... so much loss, disappointment, and devastation.  So we started our journey through the adoption process. Through our infertility treatments, God had really taught me to trust in Him, and so I decided that we would go throu…