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Congratulations Burt + Elizabeth

I absolutely loved working with Elizabeth and Burt to build their family, as they awaited their first child together. 
They both have the sweetest dispositions, combined with an incredible sense of humor.   
They signed on with CAC in early September of last year, as they were in the final steps of their home study.  
I also loved working with Elizabeth and Burt because they have such a strong faith in the Lord’s calling, and boldly jumped onto the “adoption roller coaster.”  In some ways, the adoption process is a bit like being thrown into the deep end of a pool.  And you don't know how to swim that well on your own. You need a coach, or at least a lifeguard who's there for you.....and thankfully, that’s what a consultant is there to do during an adoption process. We help families through some of the most beautiful, yet some of the more stressful moments of life. 
Burt and Elizabeth were brave, as they hung out there in the deep end of the pool, treading water for a couple …