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Adoption story - Ben and Meriah

Ben and Meriah are practically my neighbors, as they live just a few streets away from me.When they signed on with me in late June, we met at a local coffee house and talked adoption.
Adoption was already a huge part of their lives, as Meriah herself had been adopted as an infant! 
We were dreaming big dreams together when they came onboard with CAC on June 30. I put them in touch with a local home study provider who quickly completed their certification in just four weeks! By that time, I had designed their gorgeous family profile book, and they were able to start presenting to expectant mothers.
Meriah and Ben were total rock stars during this phase — they had their hands and hearts wide open to any situation the Lord might bring to them. They were open to any gender, but secretly had their hearts set on a little girl.
One day I got a call from a partner agency….
 “There’s a baby girl born who needs parents right away!”
Ben and Meriah presented their book alongside other families, hoping …