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Adoption story - Josh + Stacey

A belated congratulations to a very special couple, Josh and Stacey!

A little about building their family...

Josh and Stacey signed on with me in April of last year, as they were close to completing their home study.

They had built a beautiful life together, parenting their daughter Kailynn.  They had the desire to adopt for many years, and 2017 was their year!

As soon as their home study and profile book were completed in April, I immediately began sending them situations where adoptive families were needed.

In July I sent a case that I thought would be perfect for them, and best of all it was in their home state!  They were able to meet the expectant couple who were making a brave decision for adoption, and it was a match!  Stacey was also able to attend doctor appointments and spend some special time with their expectant mom.

From the start of their journey, they both had a strong feeling that their baby would be a boy, and they were correct!

Isn't he adorable?

Stacey shares a …