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Congratulations Mandy and Brandon!

We were delighted to have one of our sweet CAC families, Mandy and Brandon return to adopt their third child earlier this year!

They had worked with us three years ago to have their daughter Ava join their family in a whirlwind adoption.  Since then, they'd given birth to Matthew, and were now ready to add to their family again.

When Mandy called, I was struck by her gentleness and the entire family's desire to bring a child into their family who would look a bit like their sweet Ava.  That said, they were placing no limitations on their adoption -- they had their hands open, willing to welcome any sweet little one of any gender or ethnicity into their home. I was also struck by Mandy's loving words about her daughter's first family and how she desired to have an open relationship with their next child's family as well.

Mandy and Brandon officially signed back on with us in late February, and I got to work on building their beautiful family profile -- seriously - …