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Adoption story - Worth and Amy

One of my ‘favorite’ couples came to me last summer, with the desire to add to their family through adoption. They had open hands and hearts for a child from any background to join their beautiful family of four.  As I got to know this couple, they truly inspired me. They travel the world, are very involved with racial reconciliation in our city, and have tremendous hearts for following the Lord.  You’ll also be inspired by this story of loss, grace and some heavenly surprises!
Worth and Amy officially signed on with me in late June of last year, immediately started with their home study process before leaving for a mission trip, and they were ‘certified’ about six weeks later.  Last fall, they presented to many cases of all types, and kept hearing, “no, not yet.” 
The “No’s” were so discouraging, but they pressed on.
Then last December, I presented them with an interesting case of an expectant mother who lived about 90 minutes north of us, who was seeking an open adoption for the bab…

Adoption story: John and Kimberly

I was honored to work with John and Kimberly on the path to building their beautiful family!  This is a family who loves big. They are invested in their local church, and their faith was truly inspiring to me as we walked this adoption journey together. 
They joined the CAC family in early March, and eagerly started on their home study. 
Kimberly shared a few words below that I hope will encourage you as well! The Lord has done a mighty work in their lives, and building beauty from ashes.
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11
Very few truly know what John and I have been through in the last three years as a family…. we have had ups and downs that caused us to truly seek God’s will in the midst of turmoil. God’s will wasn't necessarily what we thought our lives would look like. We, like most people, have a vision of what things should look like and what we accept, but as …

Adopting after infertility.....

This evening I was mulling over a question that a couple considering adoption just asked me (actually, it was the husband, with tears in his voice). 
He spent a few minutes in a preamble to the question, apologizing if it was too personal (while I was bracing myself for something really over the top).
But the question was totally normal and natural. "Will I love a baby through adoption as much as one biologically?"
"Yes, yes." I told him, "once that little nugget is in your arms, you'd die for him or her. I promise."
You have to see the bigger picture. And, it's not all about you, although you are an important part of this equation.
1. Just like you had no control over your infertility diagnosis and treatments, this little guy didn't have any choice over his or her beginnings.
2. You and your spouse are a family. Just the two of you. You have to be ok if it's just the two of you. It will be OK and you will have a happy life, no …