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Congratulations Russell and Kristen!

Kristen and Russell are one of those couples whom I wish lived closer to me, because I feel sure that Kristen and I would be Bible study  and/or coffee buddies. I will truly miss our weekly chats during their time of waiting and preparation!
Kristen and Russell are a lovely mom and dad to a beautiful set of five-year old twin boys, and had been yearning and dreaming of a daughter to complete their family. They and their boys were dreaming of a little girl to nurture.
They knew that a gender preference may slow their overall adoption wait time a bit, but they were willing to take that risk, as they were confident that the Lord had placed this journey on their hearts.
As a testament to the fact that it is the LORD who paves the way to a family being created -- their overall wait ended up being 8 months, start to finish. 
Eight months may not seem very long, but I think it felt excruciating to this sweet family, because they presented on SO many cases, and were never selected.  They present…