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Congratulations Jeanne Anne & Jared!

Jeanne Anne and Jared are a wonderful couple who reside in my beloved college hometown.....  so they had a special place in my heart as soon as they joined the CAC family.  And -- they have the most unique, beautiful love story -- having first met as counselors at a camp for sick kids.  Shortly after meeting, they realized that Jared's mom had been Jeanne Anne's own child life worker when Jeanne Anne herself had been ill as a child.

This beautiful couple always knew that adoption would be the only way to grow their precious family. They joined Christian Adoption Consultants in mid- February, and gave me the wonderful task on assembling their beautiful photos into a Family Profile book for expectant parents to view.  By early March, they were both home study ready, and applying to adoption agencies.

Although they are based in the southeast, they decided to apply to one of our West Coast agencies in mid-March, to cover all of their bases.  Just a few days after sending off thei…