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Congratulations Kelly & Jeff!!

I have procrastinated on writing this special story, because the family involved is so very close to my heart.

I met Kelly and Jeff just over a year ago, at the beginning of a new school year for us. They had just gone through something that no one should ever have to experience, the loss of three precious boys. An unbearable loss. Despite their deep grief, they so kindly welcomed us into a totally new school for our daughter.

As The Lord saw fit, our two daughters, both named Elizabeth, became close friends, and Kelly and I had several close conversations..... At first, I did not even want to tell her that I worked as an adoption consultant, due to the extreme loss that they were walking through. (I so did not want to be perceived as that person who would presume to advise them to "just adopt." I just wanted Kelly to be my friend! So, I stayed quiet!)

However, we attend a small school, and Kelly heard "through the grapevine," that I helped advise families through …

Congratulations Merrilee & Jason!

It is always an honor to help friends become parents, and Merrilee and Jason were no exception.  My husband and I had met Jason over 10 years ago at church, when he was still a bachelor, and brother to  our Sunday School teachers, Josh and Kristy.

Then the Lord graciously brought Merrilee into Jason's life, and they were married (and have the most beautiful wedding photos ever!)

Merrilee and Jason discerned that adoption would be their path to parenthood, and called me early this year.  They signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants in late February, became Home Study approved in May, and started applying to our agency partners this summer.

I have to commend Merrilee and Jason, because they went into their adoption journey with completely open hands for what the Lord might have waiting for them. They placed no parameters on what type of 'background' they desired in a child.... Their view was that they wanted to provide a family for a child who needed one, not the other…