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How do I pay for this again??

So - you want to adopt, but don’t have millions or even thousands set aside to finance your parenting journey?

I’ve seen many of our Christian Adoption Consultants couples work (yes, it is work, and you will need to work hard, and be creative), to raise the funds to adoptive both domestically and internationally.  Although there are many awesome grants available for adopting families, we also recommend that our families consider fundraising options as well.

Because in many cases, through fundraising and online donations from friends and family members, plus adoption grants, couples have been able to raise the entire bulk of their adoption fees within a few days. More on that below.

But - you do have to be bold and ask!  Remember that your friends really do care about you and want to be a part of your journey!

While I can’t guarantee you the same results - here are a few best practices from the field…. from adoptive parents just like you, who don’t have oodles of extra cash laying around, …