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Thank you for stopping by my new blog!  I should probably start by sharing a bit about myself and our family.
I’m married to Justin, a wonderful, godly man.  We’ve been married for over 14 years (yes, we married as children ourselves, right out of college!), and are the proud parents to three amazing children, all through domestic adoptions.  If you’d told us on our wedding day, that we’d not be able to have children the “old fashioned way,” we’d likely have been shocked.  We had always discussed adopting internationally at some point, but never dreamed the path the Lord had in mind for us.  And what a blessing it would be. After many years of trying to build our family on our own, with lots of heartbreak and no success, we began to investigate our options through adoption. We were initially told we were “too young” to adopt from many international programs available at the time, which was also the time many international programs were closing due to ethical concerns. So, we started i…