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Congratulations, Chris + Carmen!

This entry could also be titled, "Christmas in the NICU."
Carmen and Chris joined our CAC family in late August of 2015, after one of our CAC families referred them to me.
The biggest surprise however, came when this dear expectant mama went into labor early the very following week later, and delivered a sweet little girl at just 33 weeks gestation. This precious girl was perfect in every way, but just needed a little more time to get bigger and stronger.
They are a lovely young couple, who were looking to build their family through the blessing of adoption. Since they were already working on finalizing their home study, we were able to have them apply with our partner agencies very soon after going active with CAC.  Chris and Carmen completed their home study certification during the first part of October, and immediately applied to an initial group of agencies I recommended, all of which were "drivable" from their home.  When they didn't have a case that immedi…