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Adoption story - Heather and Chuck

I absolutely loved serving Heather and Chuck as they set out on their THIRD adoption journey!  They had already adopted two girls and knew a bit about the adoption roller coaster.  They signed on with me in late February of 2016, and set forth on a journey of faith with fundraising and prayers for their new baby.

They bravely presented their story to several cases throughout the spring and summer, until one day they received a call from a Christian agency just an hour away from their home.  
Their was a little boy due in about a month -- were they interested?
They have since gone on to develop a wonderful open adoption with his birth mom.
This is one adored little boy!
Here's a bit more about their son's arrival, in Heather's words:
"A year ago today we had the honor of being present at the hospital while our son was born! 

I can't help but to recount today hour by hour minute by minute exactly what we were doing a year ago today. He was born at 12:26 pm and minutes afte…