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What's a family profile?

One of the most important pieces in your adoption journey will be creating your family profile.   A Family Profile is a creative way to tell a birth mother about your family, your home and community, your thoughts and motivations for adoption, and your hopes and dreams for your future child.  It's a combination of a letter from both you and your spouse, with photos of your life -- family, friends, home, community. Anything and everything that is important to you.  Over the years we’ve noticed that certain profile designs and formats stand out from the rest and are more appealing to prospective birth parents than others. We get a lot of agency feedback on our profiles, and many times it is the profile presentation and design that attract the prospective birth parents to our couples. It is important that a profile be creatively and professionally done. The presentation of a profile to a birth mom is your first opportunity to introduce yourselves, and it is so important to put your …