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Guest post - Dear Hopeful Adoptive Parent, I See You

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, it's my pleasure to share this beautiful essay from one of my sweet clients, Miranda!  

Dear Hopeful Adoptive Parent, I See You
This week is National Infertility Awareness Week, but how does that tie in to adoption? For many families, an infertility diagnosis is what led to the decision to adopt.  
Many families who grew through adoption started in the trenches of infertility. They started in a cold, sterile exam room where an infertility diagnosis was first given. Many couples who chose adoption had to endure countless tests and spend thousands of dollars to never see a positive pregnancy test. Others saw plenty of positive pregnancy tests but will never get to hold their babies this side of Heaven.

And that’s where infertility and adoption come together.
Because in the trenches of infertility, someone probably told those couples to “just adopt.” But let’s address that right now. If you are on a journey to adoption after infertility…

Guest post from adoptive mama Nikki

If you're a waiting mom or mama already home with your baby, you will love this perspective from Nikki, and may even wish to subscribe to her blog!  Below she writes so beautifully about their "Finalization Day" for their sweet son, and the complex emotions that go along with each adoption milestone.   Nikki and her husband have the biggest hearts in the world.  You may follow her at
{she loved a little boy}
I’ve been working on this post for about a week and a half now.  I kept coming back to it because I couldn’t get the words just right. The reality is… There just aren’t the right words in the English language to write what needs to be written. On March 21st, the four of us sat around a table with an attorney (my BIL) listening on a speaker phone as a judge a state away declared us to {officially} be Rs parents. It was one of our happiest of days. But, it was also one of the saddest. While we were rejoicing that our son was officially…