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new year adoption discount

new year adoption discount By now we're several weeks into the new year; several weeks into resolutions and goals and
dreams. There are lists full of healthy activities, Bible reading plans, and quitting bad habits on 2016 "to do" lists in journals and calendars.

But what if you did more than run a 5K this year? Or lost 10 pounds?
Or got that promotion? What if you changed the life of a child and the makeup of your family?

What if one of your goals is to adopt in 2016?

If you're like most families, the reasons why this might be impossible immediately fly through your
thoughts: "I don't even know where we would start! I don't know one other family who has adopted! 
And the cost, adoption is so expensive!"

That's where we come in. Christian Adoption Consultants can come beside you to guide you on your
adoption journey. We can equip you with the education and resources you need to make your
dream of adoption become a reality. Because how you achieve y…