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Adoption story - Courtney and Mitchell

Oh, how I love this family!  They have a "one of a kind" adoption story where they truly had to surrender to the Lord and trust that His Plan was GOOD.  I may have spent more time on my knees in prayer for this family than any other, and recruited lots of other prayer warriors as well.

Here's a bit of their story.....


Courtney and Mitchell signed on with me in August of 2015, and immediately started working on their Home Study to be certified to adopt.

They were matched in the early summer of 2016, and eagerly awaited an October birth.  They were able to travel to meet and bond with the expectant mother that summer, and began a close relationship.

Everything seemed beautiful and lovely. Until it wasn't.

After traveling back to the state of the birth for the expectant mom's planned c-section, the adoption plan was failing.

It was devastating to say the least.

This sweet family drove home with empty arms.

They remained steadfast in the Lord, and never had a w…

Adoption story -- Nicole (and Noah!)

I just adore helping single mamas achieve their dreams of motherhood, especially when they are as sweet as Nicole.
Nicole came to me in August of last year, seeking to become a mom for the first time -- as a single mom.  She had the total support of her parents and entire extended family behind her, and she was ready to do whatever it took to become a mom.
Trusting in the Lord's guidance, she started the home study process in August and started working on her home study.  I had the joy of designing her beautiful family profile book, which showcased her entire support system -- her parents, and the family members who would be an active part of her baby's life.  (One of my favorite parts of my job as a consultant is working with my families to select the photos used in their family profile books.  As a result, I really get to know them so well!)  I could tell that Nicole has an extremely close-knit family, and any baby that came into her life would be so adored.
Nicole became mama …