Adoption story -- Nicole (and Noah!)

I just adore helping single mamas achieve their dreams of motherhood, especially when they are as sweet as Nicole.

Nicole came to me in August of last year, seeking to become a mom for the first time -- as a single mom.  She had the total support of her parents and entire extended family behind her, and she was ready to do whatever it took to become a mom.

Trusting in the Lord's guidance, she started the home study process in August and started working on her home study.  I had the joy of designing her beautiful family profile book, which showcased her entire support system -- her parents, and the family members who would be an active part of her baby's life.  (One of my favorite parts of my job as a consultant is working with my families to select the photos used in their family profile books.  As a result, I really get to know them so well!)  I could tell that Nicole has an extremely close-knit family, and any baby that came into her life would be so adored.

Nicole became mama to the beautiful Noah after just 7 months after signing on with CAC and 5 months after being home study ready.  He is adored by her entire family!

Here's Nicole's story in her own words.... 

"My story, I'm sure is like many other single women --  I grew up always wanting and picturing myself with a husband and kids (five to be exact, I always wanted five children!). Then I woke up one morning to the realization that I was forty years old, still single and without children- my whole life had been dedicated to building my career.

The idea of adoption was first introduced to me when my hairdresser asked if I would be interested in a baby (one of her clients' granddaughters was pregnant and considering adoption.) I jumped at the opportunity!  Fast forward 8 or so months, after not hearing anything else about that situation, I started researching my options, which were included fertility treatments with donor sperm, using a gestational surrogate or adopting. 

There was no question in my mind, adoption was the way I wanted to go.

August 1, 2016, I started researching different agencies and firms, began my home study and necessary paperwork. I am thankful that the social worker conducting my home study referred me to Christian Adoption Consultants. I believe it was around mid-October when all my paperwork and home study was complete and I was ready to start presenting to birthmothers. I sent my book to about five different agencies and I was presented with a fair amount of situations right from the start, but I was surprised at how I would have a feeling of "this is not the baby for me" and I would pass. I did present my file to a few expectant moms as well, and was not selected by them either.

Then, on February 15, I received a call from an adoption attorney in my home state telling me that her agency was working with a new expectant mother, and the attorney had a strong feeling that this baby was meant for me! Of course, the agency presented the expectant mom with multiple books of possible parents, but the attorney was right, and the mom picked me!!!  (We have a shared love of animals, along with other things in common).

Two weeks later, on a Thursday, I met the expectant mom for lunch, and not five minutes into our introduction she tells me she has a surprise... the baby is coming on Monday  (he was not due for two more weeks)!!!

That following Monday I was at the hospital and holding the most beautiful, healthy, perfect little boy just a minute or so after he was delivered. Since he was born without any identifying characteristics such as a birthmark or a mole,  his hospital identification card read, "perfect and so handsome" which is so true!  He is absolutely perfect in every way.

Today my son is 14 weeks old, beautiful, the picture of health, easy going, and oh, so sweet and funny. I cannot imagine like without him. 

I thank God everyday for my son, my parents' support and all the people that brought me and my son together, especially Gretchen at CAC and Lisa the attorney handling my adoption."

Welcome, Noah, and congratulations, Nicole!!  


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