Adoption story - Courtney and Mitchell

Oh, how I love this family!  They have a "one of a kind" adoption story where they truly had to surrender to the Lord and trust that His Plan was GOOD.  I may have spent more time on my knees in prayer for this family than any other, and recruited lots of other prayer warriors as well.

Here's a bit of their story.....


Courtney and Mitchell signed on with me in August of 2015, and immediately started working on their Home Study to be certified to adopt.

They were matched in the early summer of 2016, and eagerly awaited an October birth.  They were able to travel to meet and bond with the expectant mother that summer, and began a close relationship.

Everything seemed beautiful and lovely. Until it wasn't.

After traveling back to the state of the birth for the expectant mom's planned c-section, the adoption plan was failing.

It was devastating to say the least.

This sweet family drove home with empty arms.

They remained steadfast in the Lord, and never had a word of unkindness or bitterness, when it would have seemed well deserved in this specific situation.

Until one morning, about two weeks later -- the agency called me.

"We are on our way to get the baby! She has changed her mind and can't parent!"

Yes, the expectant mom that Courtney and Mitchell had matched with had realized she would be unable to parent after all.

"Can Courtney and Mitchell return?" the agency asked me.

Putting their hearts on the line for a second time, they did just that!  With consent paperwork completed, they flew back to the sweetest little girl -- Maddyx Rose.

This couple has been SO brave, when so many might have lost heart.

I am truly inspired by them, and their faith, love and hope, and GRACE.

And, they recently finalized the adoption of this sweet girl.

Congratulations on building your family, with God's grace.


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