adoption story: mitch + katie

Today's adoption story comes from a sweet couple, Mitch and Katie, who live in my community. It was a joy to meet their sweet daughter recently at her baby shower!
Katie and Mitch have beautiful hearts for the Lord, and it was so encouraging to see how brave and courageous they were during the journey to their sweet Lydia.
Katie has so kindly shared some of the "highs and lows" of their adoption experience with us today on the blog..... 

Grab a cup of coffee and let their story encourage you.
“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 
Jeremiah 29:11
Mitch and I first began to talk about adoption before we were married.  At that time it was something that I felt the Lord calling me to do.  Over the next decade, I would watch as the Lord brought Mitch to this same calling and united us in our adoption journey as …

adoption story - ben + meriah

You may remember Ben and Meriah's first adoption story shared here on my blog.  They are local to me, and are true friends now. So, I was overjoyed when they came to me for support on their second adoption journey.  Here's a bit of their story below, from Meriah's perspective. ******************************** I’m adopted. My sister is adopted. My daughter is adopted. My son is adopted. Adoption is a word that is so entwined with God’s plan and purpose for a life that it’s so much more than a statement or a mere word on a page. Adoption is a journey. A journey that can be full of seemingly dead ends or unexplainable twists and turns, but it’s always a worthwhile journey…..cause at the end, the beautiful child looking back at you helps you realize that you were in God’s hands the whole time and He had a unique plan for you. As I look back at our second adoption I can’t help but be grateful for CAC and Gretchen … they were the tools God put in place to bring our son into our fam…

adoption story: kyle + megan

I had the pleasure of serving Kyle and Megan as they sought to become a family of three in 2018. They signed on with me last January, and started their home study process right away, were home study ready by March, and their sweet son was born in August. They were filled with faith and grace during the seven month journey to their beautiful son....  Megan has graciously her thoughts and advice for families who may be considering adoption.  Thank you for sharing, Megan!  I hope their story encourages you today.
Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you.
He will be with you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you. Deuteronomy 31:8 Let me first say, this will be worth it. If the Lord has called you to this journey, he will not ask you to walk it alone. He will be faithful even when you feel faithless. In fact, adoption and motherhood have influenced my faith more than any other thing.…

adoption story: Tim + Katie

It was such a joy to serve Katie and Tim on the adoption journey to become a family of four.  It was not a journey without tears and hardship, but these two amazed me with their faith and peace throughout it all.  

Theirs is a very unique story, but in the end, the Lord brought them together with their son in a beautiful way.   Read Katie's testimony below to be encouraged by their faith!
The Lord's acts of mercy are not exhausted, his compassion is not spent; They are renewed each morning--great is your faithfulness. --Lamentations 3:22 In February 2013, we adopted our daughter from a local agency.  We were thrilled!   One year later, we were eager to add another child to our family so we updated our paperwork and became active again. After about a year of waiting, our agency closed their adoption services, so we had to switch agencies.  In January 2017, after more waiting, we started working with Gretchen at CAC.   After one month, we were matched with a birth moth…

Adoption story: Kyle + Ashley

This adoption story may also be titled "Don't decorate your nursery in gender specific colors!"  
Read on for a roller coaster adoption story....
Ashley and Kyle signed on with me in late January of this year, and promptly dove into completing their home study, while we started working on the profile book. They were able to power through their home study, completing it in record time!  (I don't know of another family who completed one so quickly!  They were very organized and motivated!!)
Once their home study and profile design were completed, I started sending them cases, and they also registered with our recommended agencies and contacts.
They bravely presented to a few cases, that were just not the right connection for them. They carried on with presenting to almost every case they received, until one moment in March.
They were selected.  By a mom carrying a baby boy.  Ashley and Kyle had really been secretly dreaming of a little girl, but they felt a connection…

Adoption story - Matt + Caroline

Matt and Caroline signed on with me in late January of 2017, and immediately jumped into their home study preparation time.   After becoming home study certified, Matt and Caroline bravely presented to several cases with me after we designed their beautiful profile book, but didn't find that magical connection until one day in September, one of our agency partners in their home state called them with a stork drop situation! A baby girl would be arriving imminently.  Were they interested?   Although there were still some unknowns due to the quick nature of the placement, Matt and Caroline bravely said "YES," to being presented, and jumped into the full adrenaline of a "stork drop" placement. The very same day, they met their beautiful daughter Allison, about 8 months to the day after going active with CAC.
.... in the hospital

Finalization Day....  (I love that Baby Girl has the judge's gavel  :))
I asked Caroline to share some of her thoughts for those consider…