adoption testimony - Lacey

Lacey and Tyler were a joy to serve!  She brought extra empathy and sensitivity into their adoption journey, as she is an adoptee herself!  

I asked her to share some of her thoughts, from her unique position of occupying two parts of the adoption triad, adoptee and adoptive mom. 

Thank you, Lacey, for sharing your own unique story, as well as your journey to your beautiful son!

I myself was adopted as an infant through private adoption. My birth mother had my sister when she was just 16, and had me when she was 18. She was young and not ready to be a parent. My adoptive parents were married and had tried to conceive for over 8 years and it just wasn’t happening for them. 

My birth mother and my adoptive mother worked together for a short amount of time. My birth mother would have my adoptive mother babysit  my birth half sister, and she was testing the waters to see if she wanted to have my adoptive mom adopt my sister. 
(Me and my birth sister, me on the right)

(The two of us now, I'm…

adoption story: Max + Megan

I loved serving Megan and Max. They came into adoption with hearts open for a wide array of situations. They just wanted to become a family of four.
They signed on with me in April of last year, bravely became home study certified and also bravely launched into some amazing ways to fund their adoption. They completed a Both Hands project, a T-shirt Fundraiser, grants, and everything in between).  They were matched in July.  They were able to travel inlate August to meet the expectant mother who chose them to raise her son.
Everything was going smoothly until one day when they got a call that the baby had been delivered 9 weeks prematurely.  And their expectant mom was now having second thoughts about her adoption plan...

Megan shares a bit more about their adoption journey....

Max & I started our relationship out talking about kids LONG before we were married. We both love kids and it's been our lifelong dream to parent. When infertility got in our way, we tried just about everyth…

adoption story: scott and jenn

I loved serving Scott and Jenn!  They jumped into their adoption journey with positive, expectant hearts.
This is the story of how they became a family of four in just 12 months!  
Thank you for sharing your open adoption story, Jenn! I know this will be an encouragement for others who are considering adoption and/or openness in their adoption.

Our adoption journey started with several years’ of infertility as most do. After a doctor’s visit where we were told we were at a junction to either start IVF treatment or chose adoption, we easily chose to pursue adoption. I was tired of being poked and prodded, and the specialists didn’t think I had a great chance of success even with IVF.
We decided to start the adoption process early April 2017 and were referred to CAC through a colleague of Scott’s. We were finally home study ready in June 2017 and started receiving situations at that time. There were some weeks where we did not receive any situations, and some weeks where we would receive 3-…

adoption story: mohammad +maryam

I loved serving Mohammad and Maryam on the journey to their daughter.  They were so kind and gracious on our first call, and even invited me to their home on my next trip to their area!  They shared a bit about their journey of having to leave their home country due to their faith, and how they established themselves here in the United States.

Their dream was to adopt to become a family of three, and I was so honored to be invited in to that process with them!
They jumped right into the domestic adoption journey in August 2017, and immediately started working on becoming home study certified, and we started working on their Family Profile design.  They were home study ready by December, and immediately started applying with agencies and attorneys nationwide.
They very bravely presented their story multiple times throughout 2018, never giving up hope.  
Until one day... in September, they got a call from an agency one state away from them....  
"You've been selected by a mom wh…

adoption story: nick & meara

Nick and Meara recently welcomed their sweet daughter late last year, and were gracious enough to share their thoughts.  Their journey to their daughter was not easy, but they leaned on the Lord throughout every high and low.

Congratulations on becoming of a family of 3!
Here's Meara's view....

Due to health issues, we knew when we married in 2014 that our path to parenthood wouldn’t be easy, but we never anticipated it strengthening our relationship with each other and God.  We had little experience with adoption and felt overwhelmed with beginning the process.  
At the urging of a friend from church, we reached out to CAC and signed on with Gretchen in February 2017. 
We received our first situation that May. I would have presented to nearly every situation but my husband, Nick was much more faithful and let God lead his heart. After several months of No’s we grew increasingly frustrated. Gretchen was so wonderfully patient and encouraging.  
Finally on February 1, 2018 we got…

adoption story - brett & tanna

I remember speaking with Brett & Tanna for the very first time when they called our office one morning.  I could hear the anticipation and nerves in their voices as they described their call and desire to adopt.  They had three biological children already, but sensed that the Lord had a fourth baby out there for them, and they were eager to obey.
They signed on with me in April, and immediately jumped into the home study process.  They were matched in late December, and their little guy was born in February of 2018.
Since their baby recently turned "1," and Tanna and I were just reminiscing about all the details leading up to their little guy's birth and adoption.
Tanna was gracious enough to compile her thoughts below.... She's shared all of the highs and lows on their adoption journey, and has been very brave to share the reality of "the hospital experience" as well....  Thank you, Tanna! I know that your story will encourage others.
Grab a cup of coffee …