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Congratulations Nolan and Nicole!

I absolutely love this couple!
Nolan and Nicole signed on with me in mid April of this year, after waiting with a small agency in their community for over a year. They were ready to broaden their network and hear about more potential adoption situations.
They had also gone through a heartbreaking adoption failure as well, in May of 2015, with their previous agency.
They, like my other families, have the most beautiful hearts for the Lord, and were eager to see how He would write their story to add a third family member! Their desire was also to minister to their future child’s first family as well, as they were going through a crisis pregnancy.
As they were already home study ready, they were able to immediately start applying with our agency and attorney partners.  Nicole and Nolan bravely presented to several cases, and had to hear that difficult “no” that came with it.
As Nicole says, “Our failed adoption was May 2015. Sweet Micah's birth mother decided to parent. The anniversary of…