Congratulations Pam and Aaron!

Gentle faith, bravery and perseverance are the wonderful characteristics of what guided this lovely couple's adoption journey.  These traits, and a strong faith in God also helped them adopt quickly -- in just five months after officially joining our CAC family.

I had the joy of meeting Pam and Aaron way back in late January of last year, as they started researching adoption as a way to build their family.

After reviewing all their options, they officially signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants in April, and started working on completing their home study certification.

They persevered through all of the Home Study paper chase requirements, and were home study ready by late May.  In June, they were able to send their Family Profile books to the agencies with whom we work most closely.

Pam and Aaron were brave and persistent -- answering a "yes," to the various adoption cases I shared with them. They trusted that the Lord would write their story and bring their little one home to them.

Their persistence paid off when one early September morning I was able to call them and share that they had been SELECTED by an expectant mom in a city just a few hours away from us. The description of what she wanted her son's future mother to be like fit Pam to a "T."

And her due date was just a two weeks away.  Just enough time to make final nursery preparations and pack a few travel bags!

This much anticipated, sweet little man was born just 10 days after that exciting phone call ---  and almost exactly 9 months after Pam and Aaron first inquired about CAC.

Congratulations, Pam and Aaron!


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