Congratulations Ashley and Jared!

Ashley and Jared are a lovely young couple whom I have completely enjoyed serving this year.  They joined CAC in mid July of this year, after being put on a disappointing 'wait list' with a small agency in their home state. Their original agency was in such a 'back log,' Ashley and Jared were on a wait list just to have a Home Study completed! (They were told it would be a 2 year+ overall wait time.)

Despite having waited for over a year before they came to us, Ashley and Jared brought an amazingly positive attitude into the next step of their adoption journey. They jumped into our CAC process wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm.

I connected them with a speedy (and excellent) Home Study provider in their area, who could complete their report in 6-8 weeks, and I set to work on creating their beautiful Family Profile book (this is one of my favorite parts of my job as an adoption consultant!)

By September, they were certified, and ready to have their story presented to expectant parents.

In early October, they agreed to have their Family Profile book presented to a young expectant mother who was located in Jared's home state.  She selected them immediately, due to several key details that resonated very clearly with her, and they forged a very special connection.

About a week and a half later, Ashley and Jared traveled out of state to meet this young lady, "S," and her family, and everyone agreed it was a perfect match.  (In a most ironic moment -- shortly after being matched with S -- their original adoption agency contacted them to tell them that their "number had just come up to allow them to start the Home Study process!"  Ashley was quite happy to tell them that their actual baby was due in just a few weeks!)

They were thankful that they had built such a special connection on their first visit with their child's birth family, as they returned to the area just a week later when S went into labor.  Ashley and Jared were thrilled to welcome their little man, "Jude" into their open arms.

In just under 4 months after their initial call to CAC, they were a forever family of three!

Congratulations, Ashley and Jared! You are a joy!


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