Congratulations, Flora + Andy!

Let me start this entry by stating that I adore Flora and Andy!  They are the 'real deal.' They love Jesus, and His calling upon their lives. They have a beautiful testimony about how they found each other and were married. The next step was to build their family, which ultimately led to an adoption journey.

They signed on with me in mid October of 2015, and were matched on Christmas Day 2015.  

A nine week wait to match does not seem so bad, but this sweet family had been working with a small agency for nearly a year prior with no results. They were ready to be a mom and dad.  When a friend shared CAC's multi-agency approach, and heart for expectant and birth families, Flora called me in the fall. I loved speaking with her from the very first moment.

I absolutely loved their heart for moms in crisis pregnancies.  They cared just as much for expectant moms as they did for babies, which mirrors our heart as an organization as well.  Additionally, one of Flora's close family friends is a birth mom.  They learned about adoption from that perspective, and so their hearts were very much in tune with all the deep emotions and the complexity of adoption.  The bitter and the sweet. The messy and the beautiful.

So, with hearts wide open (and a current home study), they were able to apply with all of our agency partners immediately upon signing with CAC.

They presented to a few cases, but received a "no" the first few times, which is so difficult.  They gracefully accepted each "no," trusting that each "no,"  was one step closer to their baby.

But then -- they decided to present their file with a unique case in December. 

Then they wrote the most BEAUTIFUL letter I have ever read to an expectant mom.  When I read it, I just knew it was a perfect match.

When the adoption attorney read it, she felt the same way (but kept it to herself).

And when a mom in crisis read it, it spoke to her heart, and she knew that Flora and Andy were the ones to raise her sweet daughter.

She felt it so strongly that she demanded that her attorney call them on Christmas Eve afternoon to let them know that they would be a mama and a daddy.  Can we say "most amazing Christmas present ever?"

The most wonderful relationship emerged after that point.

And eight weeks later, this February, the most wonderful, beautiful little girl was born, and welcomed by two families that are now one.

Welcome, sweet Savannah!


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