Adoption story - Heather and Chuck

 I absolutely loved serving Heather and Chuck as they set out on their THIRD adoption journey!  They had already adopted two girls and knew a bit about the adoption roller coaster.  They signed on with me in late February of 2016, and set forth on a journey of faith with fundraising and prayers for their new baby.

They bravely presented their story to several cases throughout the spring and summer, until one day they received a call from a Christian agency just an hour away from their home.  

Their was a little boy due in about a month -- were they interested?

They have since gone on to develop a wonderful open adoption with his birth mom.

This is one adored little boy!

Here's a bit more about their son's arrival, in Heather's words:

"A year ago today we had the honor of being present at the hospital while our son was born! 

I can't help but to recount today hour by hour minute by minute exactly what we were doing a year ago today. He was born at 12:26 pm and minutes after we were able to see him through the nursery glass. However, it was hours later around 9:30 pm before we were actually able to hold him in our arms for the first time! 

We were so grateful that the hospital allowed us to stay in a room for the three days he was there, so the bonding could happen immediately. We are so in love with our little man and can not wait to see how God is going to use him to glorify His Kingdom! 


 Henri with his two proud big sisters!

Happy first birthday Henri! We love you more than words can say!!!!!


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