Adoption story - Tyler + Erin

Congratulations to this sweet family on the big FIRST BIRTHDAY of their sweet Piper!

I adore Tyler and Erin -- they signed on with me in April of 2016 and were trusting in divine  Providence to lead them to their child.  I immediately starting working with them to become Home Study certified,as our team designed their awesome family profile book.

They were home study ready in May, and open to every case I shared with them. It is always so disappointing to hear a No.  But in adoption, I have learned there's always a reason.  The "no" you might hear, is because your sweet forever baby is waiting somewhere else.  The Lord is orchestrating so many details behind the scenes.

Here's a snapshot of the most momentous day in the life of Tyler and Erin.... Sometimes your miracle may be right around the corner from you:

The above photo was taken earlier this month -- celebrating one year of Piper!!

But this story started a year ago..... in a little hospital not too far away from their home...

"Our story is unique.  We went to work on July 6, 2016 with no child on our radar. 

We had been prayerfully considering presenting to a birth mother. 

Two hours after arriving at work we got a phone call. A baby girl was born and the birth mother wanted us to leave the hospital with her. We had two hours to get to the hospital with paperwork from our attorney. We didn't even HAVE an attorney due to the fact we didn't see the need in having one on standby in our own community!

We were completely convinced we would be at least waiting six months to be matched. We could not have been more wrong and God saw fit to bring us our precious girl. We started with CAC at the end of  April, were home study approved by the end of May, and welcomed our baby girl the beginning of July. 

We had a baby in about two and a half months! 

God has taught us so much about his faithfulness through our adoption journey. 

He has proven himself faithful time and time again. There have been times in our journey where we were absolutely terrified and to be honest wondering if we would be able to survive emotionally, but God who is RICH in mercy gave us his perfect peace. He is able to do exceedingly more than we could even imagine, and he has. 

I will say that adoption is not for the faint of heart, and the emotional aspect of it is great. There is not one thing I would change about our journey. 

God has written the most beautiful story for our family. We have the most amazing blessing because of adoption. 

We are able to look at our sweet Piper and see God's mighty hand holding her. We are told that Piper is blessed to have us. I don't think that's true ---- I think we are blessed that God has entrusted Tyler and I to raise her. 

The Lord is faithful and we could not be more blessed!"

Happy First Birthday, Piper!  


  1. We are most definitely praying diligently for you all; especially for tomorrow. It is true that you are blessed to have her as your child, but she is blessed to have a godly Mom & Dad and extended family to love her and to train her in sprritual matters. Love & Prayers


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