Adoption story - Bryce and Sara

Bryce and Sara's story is one of hope amidst lots of ups and downs in their journey to their son.

This precious couple, and their young son, Hudson, signed on with CAC this time last year.  They got right to work on completing their Home Study, while we worked on designing their beautiful family profile book.  They were hoping for a boy to complete their family, but were open to just about every scenario I shared with them. Just a few months after being Home Study ready, they matched with a terrific expectant mom due in November 2016, and they built a very sweet relationship, including an in-person visit.

Unfortunately, she had a change of heart about a week before the delivery.

It was heart breaking. I cried along with this sweet family, and I was humbled by their graciousness and love toward everyone involved.

We kept praying, and just a couple of weeks later, the placing agency was able to re-match them with a case that seemed like a "sure thing," and also due very soon, around the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, that match fell through as well, and our hearts broke yet again. 

I was so impressed by this family's fortitude and faith in God.

I will let Sara tell the rest of the story, which led to their sweet son, born in early March.  After 11 months of extreme ups and downs, he is safely and forever in their arms:

"Adoption is one of the most fulfilling journeys that my husband, son and I have ever been on.  They call it a roller coaster ride for a reason!  We experienced every emotion, but it all turned out so wonderful, and we would do it all again.  Our sweet boy completes our family, and we will be forever grateful to his birth mother.  She is a strong woman who we were thrilled to welcome into our family.

Our experience with CAC was amazing.  A neighbor recommended them when we first began the adoption process, and I know it was one of the best decisions that we ever made.  Gretchen is an angel that God sent to guide us through our journey.  I can’t imagine going through our adoption journey without her.

We have always tried to live our lives as faithful Christians.  However, through our adoption journey, God drew us closer to him.  I went from worrying and stressing about life’s hiccups to giving my worries to God.  

We experienced a miscarriage and two failed adoptions in a year’s time.  I remember laying in bed and thinking, “I have two choices.  I can walk around asking ‘why us?’ and feeling sorry for myself or I can turn my fear and worries over to God and let him lead me to my precious child.”  We decided to stay strong and faithful.  We knew adoption was right for our family, and we had to lean on God every step of the way.  Whenever I would get upset or fearful, I would say “Thy will be done.” 

That one statement would restore my faith in Jesus and leave my worries in his hands.  I truly believed that he would send us the baby that we were meant to have.  Gretchen supported us every step of the way.  Her strong faith kept us going and believing.

Luke recorded this instruction from Jesus in his Gospel:

“And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth” (Luke 11:2, KJV).

Our family was forever changed by adoption, and we are so grateful to everyone who helped us find our sweet boy.  I hope that our son's birth mother knows how much we will always love and appreciate her.  

There will always be difficult times in life that we won’t be able to explain, but we learned that God has a beautiful plan.  

Thy will be done!


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