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Congratulations Melissa & John!

Every once in a while, a family comes along who completely steals your heart because they so reflect true love and grace.

Melissa and John embody so many lovely, gracious traits, I was thrilled when they signed on with me in mid-August, following a few questions and discussions in  July.   They were seeking the Lord all the way with this adoption, which is an exciting thing in which to be a part.

They joined CAC with an active Home Study, which meant they could immediately apply with our agencies.

Somehow I was not surprised that just two and a half weeks after going active with us that they matched with a lovely young woman, "E," located in the state they visit several times a year.

We cried together when they matched with E.

As parents through adoption the first time, they knew, they appreciated the depth of the situation.

E was in a hard place, and dealing with a lot on her plate. But they loved her unconditionally.  Following their match, they wrote her letters, their fa…

Congratulations Ashley and Jared!

Ashley and Jared are a lovely young couple whom I have completely enjoyed serving this year.  They joined CAC in mid July of this year, after being put on a disappointing 'wait list' with a small agency in their home state. Their original agency was in such a 'back log,' Ashley and Jared were on a wait list just to have a Home Study completed! (They were told it would be a 2 year+ overall wait time.)

Despite having waited for over a year before they came to us, Ashley and Jared brought an amazingly positive attitude into the next step of their adoption journey. They jumped into our CAC process wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm.

I connected them with a speedy (and excellent) Home Study provider in their area, who could complete their report in 6-8 weeks, and I set to work on creating their beautiful Family Profile book (this is one of my favorite parts of my job as an adoption consultant!)

By September, they were certified, and ready to have their story presented to ex…

Congratulations Pam and Aaron!

Gentle faith, bravery and perseverance are the wonderful characteristics of what guided this lovely couple's adoption journey.  These traits, and a strong faith in God also helped them adopt quickly -- in just five months after officially joining our CAC family.

I had the joy of meeting Pam and Aaron way back in late January of last year, as they started researching adoption as a way to build their family.

After reviewing all their options, they officially signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants in April, and started working on completing their home study certification.

They persevered through all of the Home Study paper chase requirements, and were home study ready by late May.  In June, they were able to send their Family Profile books to the agencies with whom we work most closely.

Pam and Aaron were brave and persistent -- answering a "yes," to the various adoption cases I shared with them. They trusted that the Lord would write their story and bring their litt…