Congratulations Kelly & Jeff!!

I have procrastinated on writing this special story, because the family involved is so very close to my heart.

I met Kelly and Jeff just over a year ago, at the beginning of a new school year for us. They had just gone through something that no one should ever have to experience, the loss of three precious boys. An unbearable loss. Despite their deep grief, they so kindly welcomed us into a totally new school for our daughter.

As The Lord saw fit, our two daughters, both named Elizabeth, became close friends, and Kelly and I had several close conversations..... At first, I did not even want to tell her that I worked as an adoption consultant, due to the extreme loss that they were walking through. (I so did not want to be perceived as that person who would presume to advise them to "just adopt." I just wanted Kelly to be my friend! So, I stayed quiet!)

However, we attend a small school, and Kelly heard "through the grapevine," that I helped advise families through adoption, and that I was a mom through adoption myself. And she asked for more details.

One thing led to another, and Kelly and Jeff followed the Spirit's leading to open their hearts to the possibility of another little one to love and guide.

They became Home Study certified in April of this year, and just a couple of weeks later, I received an agency email about a potential newborn situation that seemed PERFECT for them and their family. It involved a cross-country trip, and some other complications, but Kelly and Jeff prayed through it, decided to take the plunge and ask for their profile book to be presented to a young woman who had also gone through a year of heartache.

I can't share all the sweet details, because they belong to them and their sweet daughter, but this story has the Lord's fingerprints all over it.  They flew cross-country the day after school was out for summer, had lunch with a brave young woman, where they all agreed they were a perfect fit.

Their sweet daughter was delivered two days later, with Kelly, Jeff and Elizabeth there to welcome her with open arms.  And she's never left since.  I continue to stand in awe at what wonderful parents they are to this beautiful sweet girl.  He truly does bring beauty and hope amidst tragedy.

Congratulations, Kelly and Jeff!  I love you!


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