Congratulations Patrick and Kimberly!

I love meeting my families in person!  Face to face and heart to heart.  We dream big together and trust that all things are possible.

I first met with Patrick and Kimberly last summer as they started researching their options for building their family.  We enjoyed some great coffee and talked about adoption, and they promised to call in the new year.

And so they did.  Patrick and Kimberly signed on with CAC early in January, and were home study-approved by mid-March.  I put the finishing touches on their gorgeous family profile book.  And they were ready to go!  They applied to our agencies, mailed their packets with lots of prayers, and the waiting game started!

They didn't wait very long, as they presented their profile for consideration by a brave expectant mama in mid-April. That step of faith became a MATCH just a few days later.

This brave young woman is also very compassionate and sweet, because as soon as she decided on Pat and Kim as parents for her baby, she demanded that her caseworker call them over the WEEKEND so they wouldn't be held in suspense any longer  :)  Thanks to her, early on a Saturday morning, Kim received some pretty incredible news. She would be a mom in a few months!

They met with this strong, determined young lady in June, which further solidified their commitment towards each other. Her original due date wasn't until mid-August.

But their son had a few other ideas of his own!  Because he showed up almost a month early, totally healthy and perfect, although just shy of five pounds.

So, just last week, the three of us had a pretty good cry, looking over at their adorable son.

Kim and Pat and I recounted how, thanks to divide providence, they were able to drive out of state to the hospital just in time for this little dude's very early arrival.

Their son will always know that they were there for him from the very first moment he breathed. His birth mom will always know that they supported her, no matter what.  

As Pat shared with me, the incredibly intense time that the two families spent together has built an unexpected, and strong love for their son's first family.  "We are bonded for life," as he said.

It truly is a love that only comes from Heaven. A love that perhaps only other adoptive families can truly understand.  Four people bonded forever, all in love with one sweet baby boy.

And--- I am also extra blessed to have netted some snuggle time with this little answer to prayer --  just a few miles away from where I first met his parents.  He is so, so loved!


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